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Apprenticeship Program Beginnings

MIS's Apprenticeship Program began July 2019. MIS had seen a huge need in the Cybersecurity career field for well-trained cybersecurity experts. To bridge the gap between the needed millions of employees worldwide and the small number of well-trained graduates coming out of colleges and universities, MIS decided to start equipping students while they are still in high school. We developed our cybersecurity apprenticeship with two clear goals in mind: to grow a stronger information technology work base in Charleston, South Carolina, and to provide a vibrant new career path for local youth.MIS saw an opportunity to accomplish this goal with the 2019 announcement that Trident Technical College (TTC) would establish a new associate degree in cybersecurity. MIS currently has two full-time apprentices. Because of the success of the apprenticeship program, we plan to expand our apprenticeship program as the company expands.

Apprenticeship Programs Offered

Youth Apprenticeship  (Cybersecurity Support Technician) 

Student is a High School Student dual enrolled with Trident Technical College.  Upon completion student is awarded with a certificate from Trident Technical College and the US Department of Labor.

Adult Apprenticeship (Cybersecurity Technician)

Student works part time while enrolled at Trident Technical College. Upon completion student is awarded with and Associates Degree from Trident Technical College and a certificate from the US Department of Labor.

Inhouse Adult Apprenticeship (Cybersecurity Support Technician)

Student works full time with all education provided by the company. Upon completion student is awarded with a certificate from the US Department of Labor.



We provide our clients the peace of mind that their information is processed and protected in a secure infrastructure. We accomplish this by accessing process and procedures to implement security controls that mitigate risk.


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