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The Government Contracting and the Small business services are the backbone to support and grow the apprenticeship program.  The main purpose of the Government contacting service is to provide funding, while the small business division provides hands on training and funding to support the apprentices.


The Government Contracting Division is the main division to supply funding for the rest of the operations.  The focus of the business is cybersecurity consulting and services to support DoD and federal agencies.  This is a relatively new career field and has a very large potential for growth.  Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise in government and commercial business and there is a shortage of professionals to support these industries.  Almost every government contract requires some level of cybersecurity support and most contract companies are not equipped to provide these services.   By being narrowed focused and highly experienced staff we position ourselves to provide premium sub-contracting support to prime contractors. To position ourselves even better to compete in the market place, we will pursue the SBA set aside programs; Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and HUBZone Organization.  We will also pursue various government contracting vehicles and acquire a GSA contract in cybersecurity services to allow to provide prime contracting services. See the Government Contracting Division Services page for more details. 


The Small Business Division (SBD) is to oversee the apprenticeship technical program and provide affordable service to local small to medium businesses, while providing valuable hands-on training for apprenticeship students and to support expenses to support the apprenticeship program.

Government Services


McLeod stands ready to provide a full spectrum of services to ensure your organization is in the best position to mitigate risk and defend against threats.  Just like the Risk Management Framework (RMF), we begin by identifying the system and data. Once we understand the information system, then we can begin to develop the policies and procedures that will guide the security controls to implement when the System Security Plan (SSP) is complete and the tailored controls are implemented, we test for the desired outcomes.  We provide the risk assessment report to the authorizing official for approval to operate.  The final step in the process is to continuously monitor the system for changes that will introduce risk.

Our team has extensive experience in implementing Department of Homeland Security's Continuous Diagnostic and Monitoring (CDM) program.

We can provide this same detailed process for your organization.

Commercial Business Services


Your small business is an attractive target for cyber criminals. We are sensitive to the limited resources of the small business and will provide the most cost effective solutions that maintain security and operability.

McLeod understands that your small business runs and operates within certain restraints, and the solutions deployed by the government or fortune 500 companies are too big and too complicated to run in your environment. Our small business cybersecurity solutions will fill your needs. We work with you to develop a solution to protect your hard-earned revenue and reputation,  as well as your clients’ needs, so you can focus on doing what you are good at – running your business!

We provide our clients the peace of mind that their information is processed and protected in a secure infrastructure. We accomplish this by accessing process and procedures to implement security controls that mitigate risk.





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